Snow in the Smokys

One crisp and breathtakingly beautiful January day I was capturing fall-like video in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. That night the temperature suddenly dropped as a cold Canadian chill blew through East Tennessee bringing 6 inches of cold wet snow with it. I grabbed my cell phone and popped it on my stabilizing gimbal, donned…

From a Grateful Heart 4K

This is a video I produced just a few days after my open heart surgery in September 2022 while in the UT hospital. The previous week I had been out recording video on my cell phone in Tennessee during the annual Jeep Invasion in Pigeon Forge. I produced this on my cell phone as a…

Quaker Parrot Images

Below are many Quaker Parrot images. Double click on one to fully open the image then click the arrow to advance forward or backward.

Miracle – The Video

Miracle is an original Quaker from Stanley’s QuakerVille. The book “Parrots in the City” was written about Miracle.

Stanley – The Video

This is a compilation of images from over the years of Stanley, the Quaker Parrot

Fresh Produce in Tennessee

It’s time to join the Tic TOC generation so I’m going to begin posting in vertical format for those of you who only read posts on your phone. I happen to have an entire library of horizontal media so I’ll move between them often. I’ll keep the first few simple since I’m also producing and…

Peaceful Rainbow

It’s always peaceful when you see a rainbow in the sky, especially after a very hard rain. I captured this image as Jo and I were close to the end of a dirt road on the north end of Everglades WMA in Palm Beach County on Saturday July 4th.

Be Creative while being shut-in at home

To help combat the mental fatigue of being locked in the house for 11 full weeks Jo and I have been working on creating new things or creating old things new ways.

Creating a Scene

Creating a Scene – We were bored, this is week #7 for us not being able to get outside and enjoy life.

Picking up Groceries

The next time you go to the grocery store be sure to take a great camera with a really big lens.

Florida Wildlife Joke

One afternoon an Eagle, a Caracara, and a Vulture walked into a bar in Kenansville looking for cocktails, all 3 are after all male.

Personal Distancing

My wife and I have been exploring Florida for over 4 decades together. We have some very secluded and very special places we visit in the everglades region of South Florida so when personal isolation became the mandate it was very easy for us to accomplish that goal because we practice it regularly. Yesterday, Saturday,…