Snow in the Smokys


One crisp and breathtakingly beautiful January day I was capturing fall-like video in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. That night the temperature suddenly dropped as a cold Canadian chill blew through East Tennessee bringing 6 inches of cold wet snow with it. I grabbed my cell phone and popped it on my stabilizing gimbal, donned my heavy coat and spent the next 5 hours driving the icy roads of East Tennessee along the Smoky Mountains with my phone in hand, telescoped outside the driver’s window. It was a cold morning.

The National Park closed the emergency gates to the park roads because there was so much wet, sticky snow that it overwhelmed some of the older, weaker trees and the roads were impassable. Many of the county roads just outside the NP were open but very dangerous. I was traveling in my trusty 4×4 yellow Jeep so I felt safer than most.

Since I captured all the footage on my LG V20 cell it was easy to produce this package from my cell. I edited next to a warm fire while enjoying a gallon of hot, dark human anti-freeze in the coffee shop in Wears Valley across from the country store. Snow like this is seen only every 20 years or so. I felt lucky to have been able to experience and photograph this cycle.

This video was captured on my LG cell phone at 23 degrees while I was holding it outside my car window. I did have gloves and a gimbal to help.