Florida Wildlife Joke

One afternoon an Eagle, a Caracara, and a Vulture walked into a bar in Kenansville looking for cocktails, all 3 are after all male.

Personal Distancing

My wife and I have been exploring Florida for over 4 decades together. We have some very secluded and very special places we visit in the everglades region of South Florida so when personal isolation became the mandate it was very easy for us to accomplish that goal because we practice it regularly. Yesterday, Saturday,…

Rumble in the Wetland

I haven’t photographed and produced a sequence video in a while. So, This is a series of action images of a couple of black bellied whistling guy ducks showing off for the ladies. Photographed in Wakodahatchee Jan 18. Images were captured on Canon 5d IV, developed and encoded to jpg with ACDSee, sequenced and pre-edited…

A Day in the Backyard

It’s been a while since I visited my backyard at lunch, on a work day, just to take some pictures.

The Old Mill

The Old Mill This mill is one of my favorite all-time places to photograph. It’s the mill, along the river where mills belong, in Pigeon Forge TN. My first images were captured in the 1970’s when I was carting around a very large box camera exposing 4×5 sheets of film at about $1.50 per shot….

Wild Quakers of South Florida

Every once in a while I’m in the right place at the right time with the right camera and lens configuration to capture some wonderful wildlife photos. Such was the case on a Sunday afternoon in May, 2019 in Stuart Florida near a friend’s home. Along with being the “sailfish” capitol of the world, and…

Flight of the Great Blue Heron

Click… Click… Click… Click…
That’s what you usually hear while standing next to photographers with cameras with big lenses. I often overhear bystanders ask, “Why do they shoot so many pictures of the same thing”?

Painted Bunting Bathing

Click the video to see a high definition frame-by-frame view of one of the most colorful little birds in North America enjoying an afternoon bath in the wetland of South Florida. I just happened to spot this very beautiful bird taking a very animated bath and was able to capture over 200 very high quality…

Seattle’s Public Market

Pike’s Market, Seattle. All I can say is, WOW! The colors and smells of the flowers were mindbogglingly beautiful!

Understanding Caracaras

This weekend Jo and I learned something totally new about the behavior of the Crested Caracaras that we see here in Florida. For a long time we’ve known that our best bet for spotting them is to watch the ground or on a post about eye level. The first time we ever spotted one we…

Crested Caracara

Over the years while traveling from our home in South Florida to destinations to the north, we often see beautiful Crested Caracara along the Eagle Trail in Central Florida. These birds were once many, ranging from the grasslands in southern Florida, north around the Florida panhandle, then west around the Gulf Coast, and south through…

Always on watch

Caracaras live in the savanna areas of Florida, Texas and Mexico. They are beautiful and impressive birds with unusual markings. Their calls are almost like high pitch whistles. They are often seen on posts, like this, near the edge of the field waiting for road kill. This guy was quite comfortable in the rain.

Wildlife Composite

Click the image to start the show then click the image to review the narrative that accompanies the images. It’s fun, try it.

To Jo on our 43rd

To Jo on our 43rd anniversary, Three years ago Jo and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and had a blowout of weekend celebrations. Well, it was a big deal for us anyway. For those of you who know me, the way I communicate is through photos, music and videos. For our formal celebration I…