Picking up Groceries

The next time you go to the grocery store be sure to take a great camera with a really big lens.

Understanding Caracaras

This weekend Jo and I learned something totally new about the behavior of the Crested Caracaras that we see here in Florida. For a long time we’ve known that our best bet for spotting them is to watch the ground or on a post about eye level. The first time we ever spotted one we…

Crested Caracara

Over the years while traveling from our home in South Florida to destinations to the north, we often see beautiful Crested Caracara along the Eagle Trail in Central Florida. These birds were once many, ranging from the grasslands in southern Florida, north around the Florida panhandle, then west around the Gulf Coast, and south through…

Always on watch

Caracaras live in the savanna areas of Florida, Texas and Mexico. They are beautiful and impressive birds with unusual markings. Their calls are almost like high pitch whistles. They are often seen on posts, like this, near the edge of the field waiting for road kill. This guy was quite comfortable in the rain.

Crested CaraCara

Crested CaraCara, originally uploaded by QuakerVille. Via Flickr: We were watching this Crested Cara Cara sitting on top of a post. As I was cranking up the camera and getting ready for a shot, he dove off the pole and headed directly across in front of us and snapped up, well, some food on the…