Crested CaraCara

Crested CaraCara, originally uploaded by QuakerVille.

Via Flickr:
We were watching this Crested Cara Cara sitting on top of a post. As I was cranking up the camera and getting ready for a shot, he dove off the pole and headed directly across in front of us and snapped up, well, some food on the ground just past the fence to our right. Mr. Cara here rustled around behind a bush for a couple minutes while I hopped out of the car just in time to see him trot from behind the bush carrying what looks like a pretty good size frog.

This shot was snapped as Mr. Cara waddled across a small open area just before he took off again for the wild blue yonder. We’ve been able to locate these really interesting birds in different places between Lake Okeechobee and Lake Kissimmee in Central Florida, mostly in the center of the state. They seem to like to be low on posts, on the ground and even on picnic tables along the lower Kissimmee waterway.

These are awesome birds to see and photograph. I hope you get to see and capture a shot of one too.