Stairway to heaven.

St. Augustine Liighthouse

Stairway to heaven was a photograph taken on a trip to St. Augustine a while back. My wife,Jo, and I were climbing the stairs of the old lighthouse when this image jumped out and demanded to be captured.

This final image is a pencil drawing rendered from the photo using a process called Dynamic Auto Paint from Mediachance. Mediachance has been writing great photo and video programs for over a decade and I use one or more of them daily.

Stairway to heaven rendered to a 16 megapixel paper textured master and looks great as an 11 x 17 print. Pictures taken, rendered to an artistic medium then printed are awesome. Somewhere along the line we’re losing our love for the real printed art medium. I suggest every photographer occasionally print your work to some medium that can be viewed on something other than a glowing screen.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

This rendition is a view of the Pont Verde Lighthouse just south of Daytona Beach. This is the tallest lighthouse on the east coast and is a very nice walk to the top. The view is breathtaking and is always full of people.