Smiling Glossy Ibis

Smiling Glossy Ibis, originally uploaded by QuakerVille.

Here is my 10-10-10 contribution, a Glossy Ibis. I captured this shot in Green Cay, Palm Beach co. and rendered to a pencil drawing using Mediachance DAP2. I have included the full poster resolution so that you can check out the detailed pencil strokes. There are about 500,000 strokes to offer this detail.

As far as 10-10-10 goes I spent a good part of it in the field capturing pictures of wetland birds. There was a cool breeze offering respite in the shade. These birds are fairly rare but wonderful to watch in the wild. They are really glossy and you can see that best when their wings are fully spread as they fly from the ground. I love this shot because it shows the personality of this Ibis, large inquisitive eyes, fluffy neck feathers, clean beak – that’s unusual – and he has such a joyous face.