Birds Superb Gallery

IMG_1890s4-30-11 Eastern Meadowlark giving me the evil eyetough guy bluessweet bluenessshades of springBad Hair Day
Dramatic SkiesIMG_CR1   5-8-11ruby headmale poseBig PeckerCarolina Wren With Spider DuPuis Wildlife Management Area

Bird Superb, a gallery on Flickr.

As I connect with other avian photographers around the world we tend to share each others pictures with our friends. In this Flickr Gallery you will  see 16 of the most beautiful bird pictures I’ve seen. Click the link and check out the gallery called Birds Superb. As superb as the birds are equally superb are the photographers who captured these wonderful shots on camera. I hope you enjoy the Birds Superb gallery.

Click a photo to enlarge the view for a better look at the quality of the photo and the beauty of the bird.