Miracle In Flight

Miracle In Flight
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Via Flickr:
This is a felt tip drawing of Miracle, my flying acrobat. Miracle came to us as a rescue from the power company at the turn of the century. Our book, “Parrots in the City“, was inspired by Miracle’s rescue and life. He was a precious creature and taught me so much about how this bird species acts in the wild in both flight and personality.

Miracle offered me hours and hours of flight photography and video and was so predictable that capturing images like this was almost routine. One day I’m going to publish some of the best shots I have of my buddy Miracle.

Miracle had a great personality, he was sweet and loved his mommy, not me so much. Early on we were best friends but he would fly at arm’s length because I used to be able to reach out and capture him by hand as he flew through the room delivering sticks to his nest.

Miracle was a sweet and fun companion bird and we miss him so much for all the hours and hours of entertainment he provided for us. He gave us such a love and joy for birds and how they live.