Wildlife Videos, QuakerVille Style

I love shooting pictures in the Everglades, if you haven’t already figured that out. Over the years I’ve been able to shoot thousands of pictures and capture hundreds of hours of video in many different formats. Before going total HD 16×9 this past summer I created several short videos about wildlife and am recently uploaded them to YouTube for sharing. These short videos are trying to share some of the pictures I’m able to capture in sequences most people have never seen before. My style of capturing wildlife is to shoot extended burst sequences to attempt to capture a greater scope of the subject’s behavior and life. Single shots are nice but I normally shoot 100-400 stills in the same time photographers shoot a dozen. I’ve shot that way ever since I purchased my first  auto winder for my Olympus camera in the 70’s. Depending on the setting and lightening I’ll even shoot long sequences with flash. I have some of those sequences being ready  for later blogs.

South Florida Birds

 If you have a couple of minutes check out South Florida Birds (above) and Great Blues Rookery (below). Great Blues is a series of very high quality still shots with my SLR combined with a short video clip. It’s similar to stop motion animation, with real live wildlife. These are about the last two productions I did in 4 x 3 SD, Everything now is 16 x 9 HD (1080p).  

I hope you enjoy these short views into the life of Great Blue Herons (Tri-Colored too). We expect to start seeing chicks like this in the Rookeries around South Florida soon. Look for more media on them in the near future.

Great Blues in the Rookery


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