Bald Eagle Pair

Bald Eagle Pair, originally uploaded by QuakerVille.

Via Flickr:
Bald Headed Eagle pair in their nest in lower Central Florida. It’s the time of year when the BHEs get together in rather large nests to start the annual propagation dance. Even though far off, we caught these two prepping the nest making ready to settle down for a few months to duplicate themselves. Although nature is somewhat predictable it’s still amazing when you stop for a few minutes and enjoy watching nature take it’s course. These majestic birds are awesome!

This nest is on the north side of Florida 70 – west of 27 (see geotag on Flickr) just west of Lake Placid, Florida. About half a mile north is a rather large lake, Lake Placid, where we expect to see more nests as we explore further. The nest is on private property and is posted as a protected site so closer inspection is not suggested without permission.

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