Snakes Alive

Snakes Alive, originally uploaded by QuakerVille.

Snakes Alive, we often meet these critters in the wild while photographing birds, Alligators and Otters. Lovely creatures just a bit scary to unexpectedly come face-to-face with.

This weekend, just a few feet from where I was photographing an Otter and 2 pups I looked up to see this snake coiled in the reeds watching the action from above.

While he isn’t poisonous his bite would hurt not to mention disturb the Otter photo session.


  1. Pat Mason says:

    Beautiful shot, shows their extreme intelligence and poise. I raised all sorts of snakes when living in Simi Valley, CA…from 6′ Sonoran Pinesnakes to skinny little grass snakes……eventually had to run habitrail all around the garage to raise mice for them… got too expensive to buy them. Sure hated leaving them when we moved to Nashville…….all I could take with were my 4 Iguanas. You capture so much more than an image in your pics. Thank you. Patricia Mason

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thanks Pat, I try to capture more than just an image of the animal, I try to capture a little of their spirit and essence. I love animals and love to be out in nature with them and to share them with people who Injoy seeing them but who can’t be out for some reason. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate hearing from readers.

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