Great American Water Angel Egret

Water Angel, originally uploaded by QuakerVille.

I was scanning through the pictures that I shot this weekend at Green Cay Wetland Park in Boynton Beach, Fl when I stopped at this one.

Every once-in-a-while I see a picture on my media chip and wonder “Gee, who took that picture, it’s really nice?” It hit me like a ton of bricks that the photographer is me.

This Great Egret shot is pretty awesome. I will be doing a little cleanup work on the original but overall the shot does not need much before it’s printed.

This one is going on my wall.
Via Flickr:

This is a Great American Egret welcoming you to Green Cay Wetland Park.


  1. Jon-Mark, this is a prize winner – you should submit this to Green Cay photo contest next year.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Good idea, I hope I remember to do that 😉

  2. Jon-Mark, let’s just say….hmmmm…WOW.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you. Love to take pictures.

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