Life Changing Moment

I started Tuesday posting an excerpt from JP’s blog ” Nothing changes your life like a life-changing moment. It may sound pretty obvious, but that statement doesn’t have real impact until a moment changes your life. One certainly changed ours.” — JP Davey

photo Tonight, Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013, that life changing moment also happened to me and our entire family. At 6:01 pm Jon-Daniel Davey was born in a specially appointed hospital room with specially trained medical staff who were prepared for every medical situation. My life-changing moment was having to hold my son as he held his son Jon-Daniel for the first and last time. To this point in my 60 years of life nothing has affected me so strongly.

A beautiful baby boy was born to JP and Jacky today and that beautiful baby boy died in his loving fathers arms shortly after birth due to natural complications. Many of you have read about Baby J in JP’s blog, JP will publish the rest of the story as soon as he and Jacky return home from the hospital.

I have always loved and respected my son, JP for who he is. Tonight that love and respect jumped right off the charts.

JP and Jacky, you are loved. There aren’t words in the English language I can use to describe how much I hurt for you now. Your strength and courage through this is far greater than I was able to model for you. You are taking me where I’ve never gone before. You are my heroes and my model. Your mom and I love you so much.

Nothing changes your life like a life-changing moment. It may sound pretty obvious, but that statement doesn’t have real impact until a moment actually changes your life. Today, one certainly changed mine. – Jon-Mark


  1. Marcus Hird says:

    In my heart and prays a great loss in our family.

  2. marisol says:

    Jon the words you wrote here have me in tears. What a huge lesson you have learned from your son. I send you lots of hope and strength. This is such a powerful picture. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Marisol, you know us well. Thank you and Nelson for being around with us this past year, it’s been a wonderful time, you guys are so special.

      In life we know that you get what you plant, you plant corn seed you grow corn, you plant wheat you get wheat. We planted love into our relationship and love is what we have received from you and Nelson. Amazing how that works.

  3. JM,
    Great blog, made my eyes leak badly. Love you Uncle.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Love you too man 🙂 I wish you were here.

  4. Sara Cabieses de Alayza says:

    Dear Jon Mark, I am Sara, Bette´s friend from Peru. We enjoyed having Mu, your mom with us in our home, for a few months when she came to Lima.

    It is a very sad time for you and for your family; I feel sad too; I have lived through loosing children (before they were born) and although it was the “valley of shadow and death”, I learned many valuable lessons.

    We pray for miracles, for supernatural events that can become a LIFE CHANGING MOMENT… but sometimes, many times, we don´t see the miracle in the way we expected it to happen.

    Nevertheless, I see a miracle in what you share here, your son and his precious wife have received a special kind of strenghth to go through this all. Many of us would be down on the floor, but by what you tell us here; they are not, they are brave, they still have hope next time it will be better… and that is a miracle.

    There is one more soul with the Lord, He showed this to me when I lost three babies, at different times, THEY ARE VICTORIOUSLY FOREVER WITH HIM, and although we have to bear the pain here, seeing life from our natural point of view, my children and your precious grandchild are THERE, where we have to struggle and fight through so many cirmumstances and the rest of a million things, that try to hinder us from reaching God´s most loving arms… for eternity.

    I don´t know much about heaven… my mind is quite too limited… but at least I can imagine all these babies full of life, joy and liberty, enjoying His presence, to say the least.

    I am already praying for you, your Mom made me think many times, you were her favorite son… she spoke about you and your wife all the time. I pray today, for that supernatural strenghth only Jesus can provide in this kind of a valley, may rain upon you, and make you all shine brightly… that´s why you are here.

    Receive our love through the distance.

    Sara 🙂

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you Sara. I know my mom had a great time at your place in Peru. She spoke about it often. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

  5. Reen says:

    Jon-Mark, I feel the weight of your words and my heart is heavy for your loss. But how extraordinary is your message – that from the depths of unimaginable sorrow, the profound love between father and son cannot be shaken, only strengthened. May God’s compassionate grace and the love of your family continue to bring peace and healing to all.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you Maureen. God’s compassion is great. I’ll tell more of the story a little later, there is more.

  6. Dawn Burian says:

    I am so sorry about the loss of this precious baby; we know that he is safe in the arms of another . . . but the pain and loss remain. God bless your family in a special way!

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you for your kind words Dawn.

  7. Liza says:

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your grandson,, there’s no words to express such deep sadness. Though I know the love of your family,friends and most of all the love of our God will get you through this . Sending you hugs of comfort and prayers that God will lift the pain in your hearts and strength to get through this difficult time . Rest in Peace little angle ❤

  8. Mary says:

    My deepest sympathy to your family. May your love & faith sustain you in this most difficult of times.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you Mary. I appreciate your contact.

  9. Janie Branison says:

    I’m so sorry for you loss.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you Janie

  10. Jon-Mark, my prayers are with you, your son and your family.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you David. It’s been a long week full of new life lessons and experiences.

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