Spring is here

Spring is here and the wildlife is flourishing in South Florida.


The ducks are beautiful and full of spring fever.


The great blue herons are in full mating colors and displaying mating behaviors.


Anhinga males are keeping themselves beautiful for their mates.


The blue winged teals are preparing for the season.


Great white egrets are building nests in trees all over the wetlands.


The pied Grebes are bathing and fluffing.


And the great blue herons are pairing up for their spring mating rituals.

This is what spring looks like in the wetlands of South Florida.



  1. Patricia Mason says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. If people would take the time to sit and watch birds and animals of all kinds as they go about their days and lives, they would see how intelligent and hard-working they all are. Sadly, everyone is so busy trying to better themselves they rarely have time to stop and look around at all the critters who share our world. Thank you for opening that window for so many of us.

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      You are welcome. I enjoy watching, photogrsphing and sharing. Thank you for noticing and commenting.

  2. Beautiful photography, Jon-Mark! You captured the spirit of Spring.

  3. Mary Larrick says:

    Wow! Incredibly beautiful detail!

  4. Wonderful photos!

    1. Jon-Mark says:

      Thank you Janie and Mary.

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