Kermit at Channel 9

Kermit the Frog, Jim Hansen of Muppet fame, was a guest on Bozo’s Bigtop show circa 1973. I was able to capture a couple songs he sang during the program. See if you can remember these:

It’s not easy being green

Sing A Song

The photo is a shot of me, circa 1973, dressed as Bozo. The occasion was that Allan Rock, the real Bozo for Orlando, hosted the Friday night “Fright Movie”. One bit that he decided to do was to have Bozo in a coffin during a segment.

Well, at that time, he couldn’t be both characters at once so I donned the Bozo gear, I think this was the summer that I was doing weather so my beard was shaved off, tucked into an all to short coffin and raised from the coffin on queue during the segment and lip synced “Howdy there pals and gals” as Allen said those familiar words off camera. It must have worked, not one of the three people watching called in to complain. I think Cliff Pine was one of the three.


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