Butterfly World Bathing Beauties

I posted this video last November on Flickr just to see how well it was received by the Flickr audience. After promoting it in several of the video groups quite a few comments were added about it or I received Facebook comments or even e-mail about it.

Since I have a love for birds and Butterfly World here in Coral Springs has an abundance of birds along with flowers and butterflies, of course, I thought that spending some time there taking some pictures and video would be worth while.

Since Jo, my wife, and I started getting yearly passes, “memberships”, we’ve not been disappointed with the the sheer beauty of the place. I find myself wondering over there about any time that I don’t have something specific to do or place to go. We live about 2 miles from the parking lot so it’s a very short drive to be able to take in wonderful little birds you usually can’t see in Florida, especially my back yard.

The people are very nice at the venue and really keep the place looking great. For those that live in South Florida I suggest taking some weekend time to visit Butterfly World. If you are visiting for a while or coming in for a cruise our of Fort Lauderdale, plan a little extra time and visit. Bring your camera you will really enjoy yourself.