The 2016 Green Cay Photo Contest

For the past 3 months I’ve been working with a photo group to facilitate the 2016 Green Cay Photo Contest. This is a contest for the Green Cay  wetland park in Boynton Beach, Florida. Green Cay is a special reclaimed property where Palm Beach Co. has been able to not only recreate a snapshot of old Florida but is using that wetland space as the final cleaning mechanism for recycled water.

There are three wonderful by-products from their effort, a beautiful place for wetland birds and animals, a safe environment for viewing an abundance of Florida wildlife in a concentrated area, and an easy-to-reach scenic, walking area where everyone can enjoy the fresh air while watching or photographing some very neat wildlife.

Each year for the past 8 years a photography contest has been held and judged where contestants from Florida as well as other parts of the world compete for prizes and recognition.

This year, I facilitated the voting process and produced the awards program for the contest. This video is a compilation of the two videos I produced for the occasion. Check out some of the beautiful photographs that photographers entered for the contest. These videos represent the top 10 photos in each category and the final winners.